Touch of Talents “Nails It”

Women (and some men!) have been painting and decorating their fingernails and toenails for eons. In fact, archeologists discovered ancient-Egyptian manicure equipment that dates back to 3000 B.C. In these early societies, women painted their nails using colors that show off their high social status. Nail polish is one of the best and easiest ways to beautify your hands. It makes you feel exquisite, look attractive and boosts your confidence. Knowing that your hands look their best relaxes your mind, body and soul.

Besides adding beauty to finger tips, nail polish has other benefits. Imagine going into a job interview with cuticles that are ragged and scruffy. They make an impression, but it’s not a good one. They suggest to the interviewer that you’re unkempt, poor with details and put little effort into your appearance. On (pardon the expression) the other hand, going to an interview with nails that are beautifully manicured and decorated sends the message that you’re confident and fastidious about your appearance. That’s a big score for you in Brownie points!

Cuticle oil is one of the main elements of getting a manicure. Though it was once considered too awkward and messy to use, it’s now a regular aspect of any nail treatment. Cuticle oil can be painted on or applied with a stick or pen. It not only keep nails and the surrounding skin soft and conditioned, it can also prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria, which can cause an infection so severe that your nails could fall off!

Touch of Talents Nail Supply also carries dipping powder, matte gel, CBD massage oil and lotion, wax, brush cleaning, base coats, top coats, UV lights, sugar scrub, acetone and isopropyl alcohol.

Touch of Talents Nail Supply’s delivery options and payment methods are liberal and accommodating. Please feel free to contact us at 409- 833-1799 or We look forward to hearing from you!

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